Scientific Council

The Scientific Council is an academic council concerned with the implementation and follow-up of the academic aspects related to academic and study programs such as exams, study schedules, student results, etc.

Formation of the Scientific Council

Based on the provisions of Article 9 (d) of the Law Regulating Higher Education and Scientific Research for the year 1990 AD, the Scientific Council was reconstituted on 08/12/2020 AD. 


The name

members of the Committee


Dean of the Collage

Chairman of the Committee


Vice Dean of Collage



Program Coordinators



Faculty members who are in the degree of professorship



representative of all programs



Director General of the General Administration of Private Higher Education, private and foreign



Five persons of scientific competence from outside the college, and they are:


Prof. Hassan Mohammed Saleh



D.. Mohammed Al-Jack Ahmed



Dr. Fath Al-Rahman Mahjoub



Dr. Abd Al- Rahim Mohamed Hamad Sati



Dr. Talal Abd Al-Basset Saeed



Secretary of Scientific Affairs

Member and Rapporteur

The Functions of the Scientific Council

  1. Granting scientific licenses to graduates.
  2. Recommending to the committee organizing the work of non-governmental higher education institutions in the Ministry to approve the new academic programs and curricula after approval by the Board of Trustees.
  3. Leave examination results.
  4. Nominating three external examiners (evaluators) holding a PhD or its equivalent for each program, and submitting their names with their CVs to the Department to appoint one of them.
  5. Issuing scientific regulations and student behavior regulations.
  6. Suggesting the conditions for admission to each specialty for approval by the committee.
  7. Recommending the administration to promote faculty members to be submitted to the Faculty Promotions Committee in non-governmental higher education institutions.
  8. Recommending to the Board of Trustees the establishment of the infrastructure for academic programs.
  9. Encouraging research, writing and publishing.
  10. Inviting external assessors to attend the meetings of the Scientific Council to discuss their scientific reports.                                                                   
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Holding the Scientific Council Meeting No. (2-2022)

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